Walo Walo

Ndagga ND-23 ( 12″ / Download )

A: Walo Walo Version
B1: Ndiguel Groove
B2: Walo Walo Rhythm

Three killers heralding the next phase of this dazzling expression of a dream Dakar-Berlin nexus.
All instrumental — though the opener has snatches of singing — with the vocal versions held back for the new album, out in the Autumn. The music just gets deadlier and deadlier — harder-boiled and deeper; more focussed, confident and dubwise. Evoking the ancient cultural legacy of the griots, ‘Walo Walo’ is also the name of the sabar rhythm underlying the opener, which features Ibou Mbaye’s percussive synth-work, Mangone Ndiaye Dieng’s kit-drumming, and Bada Seck’s rigorous jolts of lower-pitched Thiol drum. The ‘Groove’ version is tough as nails; well and truly gnarly. A tribute to the Baye Fall leader, Ndiguel Groove is a sparse, mellow interpretation of the most traditional cut on the album, showcasing Assane Ndoye Cisse’s insinuating guitar lines, Laye Lo’s super-elasticated snare-drumming, and Bada Seck playing the khine drums associated with the Baye Fall. (Short and wide; lightweight but low-pitched.) Pretty awesome.

12″ & Download: Hard Wax

Mark Ernestus’ NDAGGA RHYTHM FORCE Live Dates Summer 2015

31.05. PT Porto • Serralves em Festa
04.06. DE Berlin • Neue Heimat
05.06. NO Bergen • Nattjazz
06.06. SE Göteborg • Clandestino Festival
09.06. FR Strasbourg • Festival Contretemps
12.06. DE Köln • Stadtgarten
25.06. DE Lärz • Fusion
27.06. DE Düsseldorf • Open Source Festival
05.07. DE Rudolstadt • TFF

Lineup: Bada Seck (sabar), Assane Ndoye Cisse (guitar), Mbene Diatta Seck (vocal), Modou Mbaye (talking drum), Mangone Ndiaye Dieng (drum set), Fatou Wore Mboup (dancer), Ibou Mbaye (keyboard), Serigne Mamoune Seck (sabar)


…succeeds Jeri-Jeri.

From the initial meeting with a clan of sabar drummers in Senegal, Mark’s project has evolved into something new in its own right.

Stay tuned…

Xale (Video)

Video also featuring Saloum Seck, Libasse Faye, Bakane Seck, Babacar Seck (sabar) and Sidy Diop (dancer) - filmed in Dakar.

Gawlo (Video)

Video also featuring Modou Mbaye (tama), Fatou Mboup and Sidy Diop (dancers) - filmed outside Dakar

Mark Ernestus presents JERI-JERI:


Ndagga ND-05 ( 12″ / Download )

A1: with Baaba Maal: Gawlo
A2: Gawlo Version
B1: Lignou Mome
B2: with Doudou Ndiaye Rose: Ndeye Gueye

Gawlo is a rolling, resplendent tribute to griot life — ‘gawlo’ is Fula for ‘griot’ — spear-headed by none other than Baaba Maal. Superbly expressive interjections by a trio of talking drums are especially lucid on the instrumental Version. On the flip, Lignou Mome is an exhilarating straight-no-chaser of galloping drums, bad-minded bass and layered guitar; before Ndeye Gueye wraps up proceedings with a third instrumental, propelled by terse, hypnotic figures on guitar and marimba synth. With the drum-kit unattended, octogenarian legend Doudou Ndiaye Rose features on lead sabar.

12″: Hard WaxHonest Jon’s
Download: Hard Wax

Ndeye Gueye (Video)

Video also featuring Paul Diouf (keyboard), Abdourakhmane Fall (bass), Assane Ndoye Cisse (guitar), Mama Diouma and young dancers from the Jeri-Jeri family - filmed at Prince Arts Studio (formerly Xippi) in Dakar and in Kaolack, Senegal

Gawlo Version (Video)

Video featuring Laye Lo (drums) - filmed in Kaolack, Senegal and Prince Arts Studio (formerly Xippi) in Dakar