Xale (Video)

Video also featuring Saloum Seck, Libasse Faye, Bakane Seck, Babacar Seck (sabar) and Sidy Diop (dancer) - filmed in Dakar.

Gawlo (Video)

Video also featuring Modou Mbaye (tama), Fatou Mboup and Sidy Diop (dancers) - filmed outside Dakar

Mark Ernestus presents JERI-JERI:


Ndagga ND-05 ( 12″ / Download )

A1: with Baaba Maal: Gawlo
A2: Gawlo Version
B1: Lignou Mome
B2: with Doudou Ndiaye Rose: Ndeye Gueye

Gawlo is a rolling, resplendent tribute to griot life — ‘gawlo’ is Fula for ‘griot’ — spear-headed by none other than Baaba Maal. Superbly expressive interjections by a trio of talking drums are especially lucid on the instrumental Version. On the flip, Lignou Mome is an exhilarating straight-no-chaser of galloping drums, bad-minded bass and layered guitar; before Ndeye Gueye wraps up proceedings with a third instrumental, propelled by terse, hypnotic figures on guitar and marimba synth. With the drum-kit unattended, octogenarian legend Doudou Ndiaye Rose features on lead sabar.

12″: Hard WaxHonest Jon’s
Download: Hard Wax

Ndeye Gueye (Video)

Video also featuring Paul Diouf (keyboard), Abdourakhmane Fall (bass), Assane Ndoye Cisse (guitar), Mama Diouma and young dancers from the Jeri-Jeri family - filmed at Prince Arts Studio (formerly Xippi) in Dakar and in Kaolack, Senegal

Gawlo Version (Video)

Video featuring Laye Lo (drums) - filmed in Kaolack, Senegal and Prince Arts Studio (formerly Xippi) in Dakar

Daguagne (Video)

Video featuring Bakane Seck, Moussa Traore, Abou Salla Seck, Allasane Seck, Bada Seck, Abdourahim Ngom, Moustafa Samb (all sabar) - filmed by Vitek at Prince Arts Studio (formerly Xippi) in Dakar

Xale Rhythm (Video)

Video featuring Babacar Seck (sabar) - filmed by Vitek at Prince Arts Studio (formerly Xippi) in Dakar

Mark Ernestus presents JERI-JERI:


Ndagga ND-04 ( 12″ / Download )

A1: with Mbene Diatta Seck, Ale & Khadim Mboup: Bamba
A2: Walo
B1: Bamba Version
B2: Leumbeul

The centre-piece of a Jeri-Jeri live performance, Bamba is its tribute to the Senegalese anti-colonialist and spiritual leader. The groove is rock-steady, slow-burning, hard funk, a kind of fatback Mbalax, in no mood to be messed with. The pulse is easier to follow than usual, like writing on the wall. Backed by the full band, Mbene’s singing is devoutly heartfelt, with affirmative responses from the Mboup brothers. Near-eight-minutes; twinned here with its full instrumental version. Plus two sketches, with talking-drums to the fore, no sabar drums — three players, with Yatma’s solo overdubs. On the first, Assane’s electric guitar affects a game of catch-up; on Leumbeul the talking-drums play three beats to the bar (so to speak), the full drum-kit plays four, and different keyboard overdubs switch allegiance back and forth.

12″: Hard WaxHonest Jon’s
Download: Hard WaxiTunesJuno

Mark Ernestus presents JERI-JERI:


Ndagga ND-03 ( 12″ / Download )

A1: with Ale & Khadim Mboup: Casamance
A2: with Mbene Diatta Seck: Sama Yaye
B1: Casamance Version
B2: Sama Yaye Version

The opener is a traditional Jola rhythm, typically fast and energetic, with tuned, talking and kit drums swarming over a kind of skeletal downhome guitar, somewhere between blues and disco. The Mboup brothers make a soaring, impassioned plea for an end to division and bloodshed in their Casamance homeland.
Then a more deeply dug-in, spaced-out funk, edgily spun from a Serer rhythm, underpinning Mbene’s reflective song about parental sacrifice. ‘Sama Yaye’, ‘My Mother’.
Both with full instrumental versions.

12″: Hard WaxHonest Jon’s
Download: Hard WaxiTunesBoomkatJuno

Mark Ernestus presents
JERI-JERI with Mbene Diatta Seck:


Ndagga ND-02 ( 12″ / Download )

A1: Xale
A2: Xale Rhythm
B: Daguagne

A sophomore three-tracker: singer Mbene Diatta Seck in sombre consideration of street-kids and parental neglect, buoyed by propulsive drumming and trenchant bass; a second version without vocals, laying bare the poly-rhythmic interplay between marimba and percussion; and a mesmeric six-minute instrumental, with bassist Thierno Sarr grooving out on the top string of his instrument, bringing an elusive Manding flavour to the deep Mbalax mix.

12″: Hard WaxHonest Jon’s
Download: Hard WaxiTunesBoomkatJuno